John Chowning, Pastor

The summer months seem to have passed so very quickly - perhaps it's my age that makes it seem that time passes much quicker than when I was much younger. The month of August brings the opening of our local area schools. Once again, our children and youth will return to the classroom and a more regular schedule. Families settle into the regularity and routine that school brings. And summer vacation comes to a close. 

We need to be supportive of and involved in our local schools - both public and private. Our church has supported Ky Christian Academy for more than two decades via our annual mission budget. We have a number of church members who are public school teachers and staff. And of course, our children and youth are enrolled in area schools. All of us pay school taxes in support of our public schools. 

What more can we do? First, we should be involved in the lives of our children and youth who are enrolled in school. We should pray for them; we should encourage them; we should help them take advantage to get the very best education possible. Many young people are in need of love and encouragement. 

Second, we should encourage and pray for our teachers and others involved in education. A word of appreciation from us will mean a lot for those who are dedicated teachers and workers. Most men and women who are teachers are doing it as a call to service and ministry. 

Third, may we pray for the safety of all involved in our schools. We pray that the 2016-2017 school year goes smoothly and safely in every respect. 

And, finally, we can say a "good word" about our schools. There's a lot of negativity in our culture. Educators are sometimes blamed for the ills of our culture. In reality, our teachers are too often the sole positive influencer in the lives of many children. So I choose to say a positive word about our teachers and educational staff! 

May God bless and keep safe our students, teachers, and all involved in our area schools during the 2016-2017 term. And may we minister to them in the name of Jesus Christ. 



AuthorKaleb Chowning