by John E. Chowning

Sunday, July 10 is being observed across the country as Pray Together Sunday sponsored by the National Association of Evangelicals, of which your pastor is a member. NAE is asking churches of various denominations across America to pray for a "reset" and in the belief that Jesus changes everything. As stated on the NAE website, "He (Jesus) offers us a reset - restoring us to our original design - and he can reset this generation."

Pray Together Sunday will also kick off the week leading us to "Together 2016," a national campaign to bring one million people to the National Mall for a day of worship and prayer on Saturday, July 16. Visit to learn more about supporting or attending Together 2016.

Saloma Baptist Church will join with numerous other congregations across American on Sunday, July 10 to pray for Together 2016 and to pray that God to work in and through our nation. We are challenged to pray with other churches on Sunday, July 10. As stated in materials for Pray Together Sunday, "What is one million people in different churches of different denominations across the country joined together one Sunday in prayer? What is we all asked Jesus to change our hearts and our nation? Will we ask Jesus to reset our nation?"

We are encouraged to pray for the plans and preparations for the July 16 Together 2016 gathering in Washington on the National Mall - for those who will be speaking, for those who will lead in worship, and for all who will be praying on that day in our nation's capital. We are encouraged to pray that "Jesus will be the only agenda."

The goal is for a "reset" at all levels - a reset in our personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ, a reset for the local church and the ministry that we are called to do in our community and world, a reset for the larger Body of Christ to work together in unity of purpose and spirit and to bring Jesus to bear upon our world, and a reset for our nation in these very challenging and uncertain times.

We are praying for a reset of our nation to Jesus. And we are asking God for another Great Awakening in the United States and in our world because, "Jesus changes everything."

Join us in prayer for a reset!

AuthorKaleb Chowning