The month of May is one of my favorite months. Perhaps it's because, in part I was born on my mother's birthday - May 3! So, May always begins with some sense of celebration for me - giving God praise for life and another year of abundant life in Jesus Christ. 

For those of us growing in Kentucky, May brings, on the first Saturday, one of the world's premiere sporting events - the Kentucky Derby. Even for those of us who have no involvement in, or knowledge of, thoroughbred racing, we take time to read about and watch the actual "Run for the Roses." There's a sense of pride, as Kentuckian, in our state being at the center of the nation's attention. 

On the second Sunday of May, May 14 this year, we celebrate Mother's Day. We should give thanks to God for our mothers and grandmothers and for Godly women in our lives. Cathy and I are both blessed by having had Godly mothers. 

And there's graduation or commencement time. Most students, who have reached certain milestones in their educational paths, graduate during the month of May. This year is no exception. Our church will honor our graduates on Sunday morning, May 21. 

This year is the 48th anniversary of my high school graduation- same for Cathy - we were both members of the class of 1969. On one hand, it seems like along time ago. But in many ways, it also seems just yesterday. Time passes quickly. 

Then on Memorial Day - which is May 29 - we give honor to those men and women who have given their lives in service in the defense of our nation. And we honor the memory of those loved ones who have gone home to be with the Lord. 

May is a month of transitions in many ways. It's a month of consequential observances and acknowledgement of milestones in the course of our lives. We should enter each day of May - as well as throughout the year - with faith, hope, and anticipation. Each day should be a day we live to the fullest and a day to consider with thanks and praise of how blessed we are. Every day is a day of consequence and is a gift from God. 

AuthorKaleb Chowning