The month of March is a busy and eventful time for most all people. From the "March Madness" that basketball fans enjoy with tournaments and championships at stake to the official beginning of the spring season to the remembrance of the passion and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, March is a season of transition, transformation, and new beginnings. It is also a month in which we can go from snow and cold temperatures on one day to very warm temperatures and bright sunshine the very next day.

Easter Sunday is early this year - Sunday, March 27 will bring our annual celebration of our Lord's resurrection. From Palm Sunday on March 20 through Easter Sunday on March 27, we will observe what is called Holy Week in the Christian tradition. Holy Week is a very special week and should be a time in which we daily take time to consider that course of events that led to Calvary where Jesus Christ died for the atonement of our sins. In many ways, there is a very clear "road to Calvary" that we can follow through the combined accounts of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) in the Bible. It is important that we take time this year to study and pray for greater understanding of the "road to Calvary" and the impact this historic event has on our lives 2,000 years later.

On Easter Sunday, we will join together once again for a joyous celebration of the historical fact that "He arose, He arose, Hallelujah, Christ Arose!" But before we get to the empty tomb and the wonderful and transforming truth of the Resurrection, let's be sure we go by the "Way of the Cross that leads Home."

AuthorKaleb Chowning