We have made it through the last burst of winter weather here in southern Kentucky, and spring has finally become apparent. As this blog is prepared, dogwood trees are blooming as have redbuds - two of the true signs of spring. Tulips are blooming as are many other trees and flowers. Leaves are coming forth on the trees, and our lawns are having to be mowed at least once a week - if not more with all the recent rain we've had in our area. Spring has come forth - the beauty of God's creation in this season of recreation and renewal - is daily evident for those of who are of the Christian faith. It's certainly a great time to be alive and to enjoy the blessings of the beauty of God's creation.

During the next few weeks, we will go through another annual ritual and series of events. Students of all ages will be graduating and moving to the next level of their education or moving out into the real work of work, paying taxes, etc. if they're finishing high school and college. On Sunday, May 20, we will be honoring the graduates in our church family with special presentations during our 11:00 a.m. Worship Service immediately followed by a reception in their honor after the morning worship. We are very proud of all of our graduates at all levels of education and wish them the very best in the days ahead and pray that God will guide and protect them. It is truly a blessing to see our children and youth grow up and to become Christian servant leaders. When we see such young people crossing the stage to receive their diploma, we know that this is one more significant step in their lives and a move to more independence. And it is a reminder that the ministry we do in the life of our church and in our homes is hopefully providing them with the spiritual foundation and formation in Jesus Christ that will guide them all their lives.

Then we move into the month of June - vacations begin, young people have summer jobs, our Green River Lake ministry on Sunday mornings is underway (our 22nd-23rd year of coordinating the lake ministry and outreach), we launch our summer mission project (further details forthcoming), and families are often busy with travel and summer outings. Please pray for our summer outreach ministries such as that every Sunday morning at Green River Lake. Beginning on Memorial Day weekend and continuing through Labor Day weekend, hundreds of campers will hear the Gospel preached, songs of praise sun, and prayers offered. Seeds will be planted in the name of Jesus. Several churches and Christian groups are helping us this year. On Sunday, June 10, we will move our Sunday School and Worship to the lake - with a picnic gathering and fellowship. The weekly worship service will be held on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time at the amphitheater area at the Green River Lake State Park campgrounds. Pray for all those who will be leading this effort, and for Bro. Jason England, Deacon Mike Forbis, and me as we coordinate this ministry.

All that we do at Saloma Baptist Church should be - and that is always our goal - done in the name of and for the cause of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to minister in His name to our community and world. Even during the spring and early summer months, we must be about His mission and ministry in our church family, our homes, our community, and around the world. Join us anytime at SBC - a warm welcome awaits you - and you are always welcome.

AuthorKaleb Chowning