We live in very challenging times and are bombarded daily with loud and competing perspectives on the issues of the day. With the advanced technologies we use on a routine basis, there is instant communication of the latest "ism" or "theological perspective." There are many "shades" of truth packaged under the banner of Christianity, and it is very easy for those who are not firmly rooted in their faith to be easily swayed by the latest claim to revelation and understanding.

The work we do on a regular basis in the of Saloma Baptist Church, as well as other evangelical congregations around our community and nation, has never been more important. The Sunday School class, or small group setting as some may relate, is taken for granted. It is in that class where many truths are taught, learned, and retained for a lifetime. The seeds of truth that are planted in the course of our Bible studies, worship experiences, Vacation Bible School settings, discipleship training, mission engagement, etc. will result in strong Christian believers and servant leaders. You see that the "routine" of simple church ministry is critically important in the long run.

Let me express gratitude for those faithful servants who teach classes, lead our mission groups, provide fellowship opportunities, participate in ministry teams, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in His Church in so many ways. Don't take your role for granted - understand that you are doing very important work - and know that you are building the foundation of a strong witness for Jesus Christ each and every day as we minister to our community and world in His name! I give God praise for the faithful servants at Saloma Baptist Church and for those faithful servants in the other congregations of our community, state, nation and world! 

In these complicated and challenging times in which we live, you are engaged in very important work for the Lord Jesus Christ by your faithful witness, perseverance in all times, and gracious and loving witness to the transforming power of Him who has saved and redeemed us. Let us move forward in sharing Jesus Christ with our community and world!


In Christ,

Pastor John Chowning

AuthorKaleb Chowning